Goodbye Mr black



Cha Ji-Won (Lee Jin-Wook) is a UDT officer of the Navy Special Operations Force. He is positive and has personal charm, but he falls into a desperate situation due to a friend’s betrayal. He goes through numerous life or death situations. Cha Ji-Won then enters into a fake marriage with Swan (Moon Chae-Won) to hide his identity. Through the bright persona of Swan, Cha Ji-Won falls in love and regains his trust of others.

My Review 


It seem that i have not been updated my dramalady blog for quite sometime now work and sickness keep me from blogging anyway i had just finish watching goodbye mr. Black and after watching the entire drama i am was surprised that i found myself falling in love with this drama and i was actually crying when reaching to the last episode.


“We will love and live as if today is the last day of our living” this word qoute from the last part of the drama.



Spoilt alert of drama
* before i even watch this drama i saw some negative comment from saying that there expecting the female lead to have longer hair after separating from cha ji won aka black. Kim swan hair was even shorter in the middle of the drama which 5 year later. But don’t let that keep you away from watching goodbye Mr. Black as that alot of hidden message from this drama for example.

The cha ji won father which was murder and created series of even actual keep a will which only get to read by Min Sun-Jae and make him regret his action at last episode.

“When my eyes is hurt it extend to my  entire body and that it what family it about”

Refering min sun-jae to cha ji won father eyes

Your sincerely,