Cheese in the trap drama review

I have you ever lived your life everyday wandering what people might have thought about? Being the perfect person might have not matter to most people but it make a big difference to a person like me. Every single day I would have wander what people  would  have thought about of me so I always struggle to be perfect in their eyes but right  now I am very tired to do anymore. Let nature take it caused and let people think what they want as I don’t want to care anymore.

Just let thing go for now it the best thing for me to do right now and I should start to re-learn how to relax and chill. And yesterday not to forgot I have start to watch new Korea drama cheese in the trap. it a drama about s young a girl by the name Hong Seol a university student whom always like care about people thought of her and judge people specially yoo jung without first not knowing him well.

It might be just a drama but if you take time to think deeply how actually accurate this character of Hong Seol to us? Don’t we always like to care and judge people like Hong Seol. I think that it what I should stop doing but all thing take time right?