Kill me or hill me Korean drama review


This time I am not going to about the drama plot but rather I am going to about the main lead of this drama which have 7 personality. Kill me, Heal me took me very long to decide whether I want to watch this Drama or not as I thought that watch drama which as too many character will really confused me but I now gald that I finished watching the drama. Kill me, Heal me focused more on DID, or better know as multiple personality disorder in the past.

Cha Do Hyun / Shin Se Gi / Perry Park / Ahn Yo Sub / Ahn Yo Na / Nana / Mysterious X

This is the 7 personality of the main male-lead, Cha Do Hyun is supposed to be the real character is the heir to powerful cheabol family, I find that his character to the most realistic as he always does what other or family expect of him, then there is Shin si ge appeared his more to the daring type, and honestly the most difficult character to understand not until the end of drama did I finally understood why Shin si ge appearance. He most make to do thing that the actual Cha Do Hyun can’t but which to do.

Perry Park is personality that appears out of pure love out of cha do Hyun father. Although he hate his father for abusing the other child but there also some part him that still love is father.

Ahn Yo Sub appreared as other characters could not longer want to live the way they did.

Ahn Yo Na is twin of Ahn Yo Sub and was a opposite of each other. Although cha do Hyun want to dies but there some part of him that wanted to continue to live.

The characters of Nana is the most interesting and making me guess and found at almost ending that is a character of the actual cha do Hyun aka the girl child that been hunting him ever since the fire accident.

Last is the mystery Mr. X which appear after almost all characters disappear. It actually characters the was appreared because the actual cha do Hyun father that already died.

There me who wanted to feel angry,
There me who wanted to feel dying,
There me who wanted to feel alive,
There me who wanted to feel like a kid,
There me who wanted to bring back the dead.

I guess there was always other me hidden inside…