Mask korean drama review

Mask korea drama review


Personal view from the story….

We all struggle so that we could reach to the top, but reaching to the top required alot of effort and hard work but still sometime after alot of hardwork and sacrifice life will still test you until you breakdown.

We all had our own hoped and dream but to live our life till we forget the little thing in our life or surrounding pitiful. For me the most important thing life is the people we love and live life to the fullest with the dear one… and that what Ji-sook discover in this drama.

Ji-sook had struggle all her life for the seek of her family and so that her family will no longer be in-dept but life took her to the different directions when she was chase or Kidnapped her by loanshark asking her to payback of her father behalf but when she finally manage to make her escape only to be in the car driven by the person who change her life to 360 degrees.


The first episode of mask had really captured me so I continue to Watch and manage to finished this drama in two day. I always waited the I like to watch finished upload in the Web (with eng sub) before I start watching as I am really inpatient person. (bad habit of myself)

But anyway back to the topic what I love the most about this drama was the ending as Ji-sook finally realise that the only thing that matter more is having your love one be your side…..which I personally thing is True what good in life if your had all the richest thing in the world but you are still not happy about it?

This just my personal view and what learn from this mask Korean drama. Watch in