Beating Again aka falling for innocence


Min-Ho’s (Jung Kyoung-Ho) father ran a large company, but his death led to his uncle taking over the company. Because of this, Min-Ho grows into a cutthroat investor. Min-Ho then undergoes a heart transplant surgery and his personality changes. Thanks to his new heart, he begins to have warm feelings and he falls in love with a woman named Soon-Jung (Kim So-Yeon).

review by dramaladyblog

this is one of the drama give a miss when it first release major point of turn off it because of too short synopsis and and it promo picture and but recently when i was searching for nice song timeless music video by Jang Ri In Feat Xiah Junsu there even part 1 & part 2. the song it about a couple whom separated by death while male lead heart was donated to second lead male and some how the heart remember all or song of it previous owner memory making the second lead do and feel the same time and some comment for that this was a drama about the same plot as the music video that falling for innocence aka beating again Korea drama.  it nice and relax drama after some break time away for korea drama world and this blog. here some drama picture i took snapshot for the 1st episode of falling for innocence.